Jack Stigner is an established theatre practitioner who has produced and directed theatre productions since 2007, shows ranging from the absurd, Ubu Roi , to Shakespeare, Julius Caesar and Musicals, West Side Story

Jack is the Artistic Director of FoulPlay Productions, est. 2006. FoulPlay Productions challenge the audience/performer relationship with daring mobile, site specific productions with interactive narratives that embrace the present as an opportunity for collaboration, communication and play. The most recent FoulPlay Production The Fantastic Fox Hunt won the Latest Festival award for Best Outdoor Event 2014. 

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All of Jack's work, regardless of style, is immediately visual and vibrantly visceral. A Jack Stigner production proudly places the audience at the centre of the experience, from their first encounter with the spectacle to their last thought. Jack has worked with actors, dancers and musicians in companies of all ages and ranges of experience. He is a trained workshop facilitator and teacher, and has directed short pieces for the Shakespeare Schools Festival at the Royal Court and is a Globe Theatre Education Practitioner.

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The broad range of performance projects Jack has undertaken has lead to a wide spectrum of research areas. The predominant area in which he has extensively researched is the artist and spectator, or, performer and audience relationship. This has ultimately led to the exploration of audience empowerment in the presence and present of performance, whether it be through choice; movement; participation; implication; isolation or education. Other areas of focus have included the role of artifact, as symbol, engagement and antiquity; The Dada and Fluxus art movements; sequencing; myth; metaphysics; seasonal English traditions; the Ouija board and other occult practices. Play and language predominantly feature in Jack's development process.

Ultimately, Jack's research has the intended aim of informing Jack in his endevour to enhance the world of the play for an audience; developing brave and bold live creations that embrace the experience of the immediate in performance. The beautifully crafted authentic spectacles encourage play and offer insight into the sublime for audiences to witness and engage with.

Jack trained at Kingston and Brighton Universities studying Fine art, Theatre, Performance and Visual Art

Please contact Jack at: theatre@jackstigner.co.uk